Module 1 – PBL

Reflections on our current teaching practice

I work with students aged 12-16. I don´t try to teach them but I make questions in order to they discover the things. I have problems with this because master class was the way I learned. This year was my first in formal education and I have tried to make them to do some musical videos about the musical history, playing instruments, etc. I thought that they have ICT aptitudes, as they are digital natives, but I was wrong. They don´t know how to use things like google drive, video editors, or twitter in the correct way. I want all of them to be active in the class and I only help them to do their best.

I have done some parts of the PBL process, but not all of them. For example, this year students became composers. They created a song by a democratic process in which all of them propose things and all of them vote those proposals. they have learned what are the real problems of creating a song, but they have achieved a very good result. Here it is:

Driving question

How composers create music today?

If you are not one of them, probably you don´t know how they create music, but I think it is necessary to know the ICT tools that allow musicians to create and play music nowadays.

It will be a project for 14 years old students and I want them to know:

-The main music software to create music

-How to create music using loops

-Edit the sound

I think it is not easy, but if they are motivated, they will be able to create a song at the end of the project, and they will also be able to explain other people how to create it.